wearing the landscape

Botanical colours

Petal, branch, bark, wood, berry, leaf, root, lichen, during my walks I pick up small quantities that have fallen on the ground, this ethical foraging changes with the rythmes of nature..

From seeds to colours

In my tinctorial garden, I plant and grow seeds in a holistic approach and following permaculture designs..


Strands of linen from Normandy, nettles from Bretagne, I collect my wool from Norman shepherds gentle with their flock. These fibers are prepared with non-toxic enzymes that are beneficial to biodiversity..

Seasonal colours

Botanical dyes are made on flax from Normandy grown in small batch by local bio producers. Linen is a thermoregulatory fiber: it keeps your body's warmth in winter and becomes fresh in summer..

Unique piece

Or limited editions, each season has its own scope of colors and botanical prints. Various techniques are used: hapazome, bundle dye, eco-print, shibori..

Persicaria Tinctoria and Indigo Isatis

In Normandy, Indigo and Woad have many vernacular names such as Guède or Vouède, the extraction of indigo pigment is a fascinating fermenting process as the blue comes from the leaves..


Handmade hems, handmade soap, handspinning fibers, woven and knitted yarn, rain dye baths, everything is meant for quality and durability..

Knowledge from our ancestors

Always in search for ancestral skills, reconnecting with our ancestors and engage with nature..


This amazing plant is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and has anti-oxid properties, this is ideal for making thoughtfull essentials for our home and body..
Nettle Collection

Heritage of Normandie

I grow old varieties of plant dye and medicinal plants. In the Middle Ages, the Norman washerwomen used the roots of the saponaire and ivy leaves to make their laundry soap, and woad leaves to dye their linen blue..

Zero waist

Vegetable scraps or fruit kernel used in the dye baths, nettle, linen and wool for garments, everything is compostable..
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Made in Normandie

In a local network, with native plants from the Normandy area..