Handmade soap made from solar infused plants.

Nettles, ivy and horsetail were picked with respect for nature and placed in a jar in the sun. The process lasted for a whole year in order to get all the good things transferred into the bio cold press olive oil goodness.


Organic extra virgin olive oil, water, lye, fresh leaves of ivy, solar infused olive oil.

Note: cold saponification with a 4 week cure.

For a soap that lasts longer, keep it dry between uses.

Each bar weighs about 70 grams and is handcut, the shape may differ from the picture.

Horsetail is a plant that contains zinc and silica, essential minerals to balance and heal sensitive skin.
Associated with nettles it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties making it an ideal soap. It does not sting and nourishes your skin.

Ivy contains saponin, a natural moisturizer and cleanser, it has foaming and revitalizing properties with a unique fresh scent, it has been known and used for centuries on earth.

This soap is one of my favorite.

No palm oil, no paraffin or glycerin, no synthetic fragrances, no essential oils, tinctures or preservatives.

Tested on friends and family but not on animals.

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