Care Instructions

To maintain your plant dyed fabrics, wash in cold water with similar hues. Dry flat in a shady place / sheltered from the wind to prevent the colors from fading. Some pigments may react to citrus fruits. All our clothes are dyed with locally grown plants and finished with a non-toxic enzyme wash. We do not use chemicals or heavy metals in the treatment of fabrics and dyes. The therapeutic properties of the plants stimulate the immune system. Our fabrics are 100% organic grown in Normandy. Each garment is sewn and dyed with love in small batches in the Pays d’Auge. The slight imperfections of the handmade make all the charm of an authentic garment.

Creating a plain color surface like petrochemical industrial dyes is not the goal, quite the contrary, the color variation reveals the depths and intensity of the pigment and give all its beauty and structure to the fabric. Organic pigments are alive and you might notice a slight color change over time