Frequently asked questions

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Can i pay with my credit card ?

Yes! With the secure payment from SUMUP , your data are encrypted and the shop doesn't' have access to your secure information.

I would like to send my order as a gift, is it possible ?

Yes, simply add a note in the comment window when you are about to confirm your order

Are some of your product toxic ?

All my textile and soaps are made with non-toxic agents and perfectly natural enzymes, without preservatives or essential oils. The fabrics are prepared with natural mordants contained in rhubarb, woad and sorrel salt or soy milk. They do not contain any synthetic fixing agents.

Can I machine wash these fabric ?

This is possible with a wool program ( cold water and gentle).  But I recommend to wash it by hand with cold water, let it dry flat in the shadow, away from heat sources.

Can colours fade away over time?

Pigments come from plants, roots, leaves, bark and seeds. They are organic in nature and will improve over time, which means that the plant color is a living, organic material. Some pigments will strengthen or vary slightly without saying that they will turn or wilt.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I ship worldwide and with a tracking number